If this then that

Aside from it already being a web platform that can streamline your life, using the phrase “if this then that” is a great way to take decisions out of your hands.

Ulysses made a pact with his men to make sure he could sail them safely through the Sirens. In this case, the if/then was if we approach the Sirens, then tie me up and don’t let me go. It worked.

We can use these in everyday situations. Steve Jobs wore the same copy of a black turtleneck to work so he didn’t have to think about what to wear. If I’m working, I’m wearing this. It freed him up to think about other things that were more important to him and his work.

Some might consider this making your life boring by taking some of the spontaneity out of it. I’d say it’s building a better framework to make sure the spontaneity is put in places where it really matters.

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