Running start

Getting a chance to gain momentum before the moment we need it is a great advantage.

Not only in sports, but in business and life, the ability to have yourself prepared well before the need to be on is a great way to take on challenges.

This is the sales rep who not only knows the product line forwards and backwards, but also has a keen insight into his clients’ needs and lives.

In an ideal world, we’d all have a chance to take a running start. But unfortunately, our time and resources are limited.

We can’t always study as much as we want for the exam or take 15 more minutes on the blog post. At some point we have to start running, even if we’re at a dead stop.

This, after a while, gets tiring. It’s easier to work and live giving yourself a chance to build up speed before you need it. The hard part is figuring out where that runway will come from.

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