Pressure comes in lots of forms.

There’s nature’s pressure, where we get earthquakes and gravity.

There’s top-down pressure, where the CEO needs to cut payroll to make sure shareholders are happy with the earnings report.

Political pressure is seemingly everywhere today, and hard for any politician to sidestep.

There’s also constructive pressure, where a good coach knows how to motivate and build the confidence of her players.

(As a side note, sinus pressure is also a pressure. No one likes that.)

But the most interesting pressure is self-imposed pressure. This is because all other pressures seem to be external forces pushing against us. However, this pressure is brought on not by others telling us what to do, but because we tell ourselves to do it because of our world view.

Self-imposed pressure is not always positive, and that’s the fine line that needs to be walked by those who are good at self-motivation.

Just like a good coach knows how to talk to her players, it’s just as important to talk to ourselves this way. Know when it’s ok to be ok with things.

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