5 steps to launching an email newsletter

Sometimes the thought of launching an email newsletter can be daunting.

What will I write about?

Will people read or comment or like it?

I don’t know where to start.

These are normal reactions, but in actuality, getting started with one can be done with this framework.

1. Solve a problem for a group of people

This doesn’t have to be solving the world’s hunger problem or getting Democrats and Republicans to work together.

The problem you solve can be something like teaching people in your community about fresh food and providing them with a CSA, or showing Millennials how to take better control of their personal finances.

2. Choose a platform

This one is easy. Start with Mailchimp. It’s free for basic functions and will get any email newsletter novice up and running quickly.

3. Figure out a schedule

Will your newsletter be sent out monthly, weekly, daily? Your audience, content, and how much you can commit to assembling it will determine this.

For example, do you have a newsletter that talks about what’s happening in the world? NextDraft does just that, and Dave Pell sends it out every business day. It’s fantastic.

If you have one that’s for seasonal outdoor sports in your region, a bi-weekly or monthly version might be appropriate.

4. Build your newsletter

Once you determine your frequency, figure out what framework you’re going to employ to get it done.

If it sends every week and you’re going to be featuring 10 locations for your travel newsletter, you know that you need to gather these at least a day or so out so you have time for formatting and editing.

This is up to you to figure out what works best, but the more regular you can make it the more you’ll see progress.

5. Tell people about it

Your email newsletter won’t have a list to send to unless you tell people about it. Use social media, blog posts, or good old-fashioned word of mouth.

If you’re interested in my email newsletter, it comes out every Friday. You can sign up here.

And just like that, you have something say and something to send. Good luck.

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