Branding from scratch

Very few brands are build from scratch.

The reason isn’t that business owners are unoriginal, but because over time our culture has evolved to have certain frameworks in place that make sense given the context of how they’re used.

For example, you probably wouldn’t see a website’s navigation in the center of the screen, or scattered about. Typically, it’s at the top, or sometimes in the sidebar.

When a brand is built, some of these same elements come into play.

We draw from past businesses and organizations and come up with the next iteration.

For example, Zappos took the ideas of selling shoes, e-commerce, and customer service and built a brand that is globally recognizable. None of what they did was new. E-commerce had been done, selling shoes certainly was done, and customer service has been around for as long as there have been customers.

But they amped up one of these aspects, customer service, and made that their hallmark.

The lesson is you don’t have to create every single one of your brand’s element from scratch or have it be a 100% original idea.

What you do need though is the ability to do something that people will remember.

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