Choose your own adventure

People shop at big box stores because they can get a deal, sure, but also because they can get most of what they need and want under one roof and without the hassle of going to another parking lot and fighting with hard to handle shopping carts.

But where do marketers go to shop for their tools?

I recently read that 82% of marketers are using “best of breed technology” to do what they need to do.

“Ok that’s great,” you may say, “but what does that mean?”

What that gets to is the fact that the online space allows for more flexibility and choice than the physical space.

We’re no longer stuck with just a few one-size-fits-all options that may only be sort of right to get our message out and handle how we shape the experiences our customers have.

We can build out what we need to based on a number of different factors from seemingly hundreds if not more choices of what will work to communicate well.

Want automation in your email campaigns? You can have that.

Want to start a blog and share photos of how you serve your clients? The access is there.

What about how to structure your website design? Should you go with a sidebar? The great thing is choice is up to you.

But with choice also comes responsibility. With all of the selections that are available, we have to make decisions that may not always work out as we hope.

This is where we choose our own adventure.

Invest the time in ourselves and learn on our own, or invest in someone else that can help us put it together.

Doing nothing really isn’t an option anymore.

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