Building a framework for your content

Having a framework for the content you create – all of the blog posts, Facebook updates, email newsletters, etc. – is really necessary to make sure your message stays on point and you’re able to connect with your audience.

But just like building a house, there’s no “right” way to do this, and it also takes time.

Sure, there are best practices, tips, tools, and ways to go about it to help you get better, but in reality, the best way is to try something, see what happens, and revise based on the data.

If you’ve been struggling with your mix of digital content and feel like there’s too much to handle, start with one thing. Just one.

It can be as small as sending out a single tweet. See what happens. Adjust. Do it again.

The more feedback you gain, the more you can build your framework.

And the better your framework is, the more your message has a chance to resonate.

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