What are tests? On the surface, it seems like a pretty simple question. But in reality, there’s not one simple answer.

Tests can come in the way of the standardized high school exam, telling a student that he’s “not college material.”

They can show up as an interview, testing an applicant’s knowledge on SEO or cost accounting.

And tests can even be certifications, showing the world how someone knows how to teach.

But one thing tests are not is finite.

The student that gets a lower SAT score can work on deficiencies to get into an even better school than others thought possible.

The applicant can take the feedback from the interview and learn more on the field and go into business for herself.

And the certified teacher needs to continue with professional development to maintain her standing.

Why is this important? Because too often, we see a test score or a rating or come back from an interview and feel that we’ve been rejected and aren’t up to par.

It’s these times when we need to understand that this “test” does not mean never. It’s only someone else’s assessment right at this moment.

In your own business, if your email campaign falls flat, website takes longer to launch, or you can’t seem to keep up with blog posts, don’t view it as a failure. See it as a way to make a weaker part of your process that much stronger.

H/T to Sal Khan, founder of the Khan Academy on how teaching and testing can be improved…

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