Everyone is a marketer

In many organizations “marketing” is a separate department from sales, accounting, and R&D. In these places, those who work in the marketing department are responsible for broadcasting their message to the world. It’s everyone else’s job to make sure bills are paid, emails are answered, and new products and services are developed.

Marketing, in these cases, is “someone else’s job.”

But the businesses who understand how this really works, they tie marketing into every function that happens on a daily basis.

How the product works or if the website user interface has the right flow is just as much about marketing as a 30-second tv ad – maybe even more.

And lastly, the brand that employees convey outside the workplace certainly makes an impact. If you don’t believe this is the case, just think about it the next time a high-profile professional athlete gets in trouble for something and how it looks on his team and league.

Anyone can be on social media, and anyone can talk to people. Everyone is a marketer.

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