Content and search

Some people think that content on the web can only be successful if it’s written for Google and other search engines. While it’s true that it does need to be optimized for SEO, this idea is missing a key point.

Web content that’s written solely for search engines doesn’t allow for the words to sound like they’re coming from a human to a human.

This is akin to buying food just to stage it in your kitchen and refrigerator.

The idea isn’t to have the food to make it look good in that setting, the idea is to serve it as a meal. The kitchen only serves as the place where the food is cut, diced, measured, baked, and finally, served.

And just like trying to stuff keywords, dousing your plate with pepper because the recipe called for a little doesn’t mean it’s going to make it more effective.

Create your content for humans, just like you’re preparing them a meal.

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