The physical kind with pieces and shapes and colors can sometimes be tricky, but with patience most anyone can put together one of 1,000 pieces.

This is because there are true or false answers to the attempts we make to piece them together.

Take this shape with that and try them because the shades of blue look similar. If they work, great, if not try again.

When we look at our marketing, we can apply the same principles. Before we test, do we really know what keywords are the best to use in a given post? How about what time to send our newsletter about registering for that upcoming event? Or what font and color scheme will work best on our new site?

With these questions, trying one option and getting results is the way to go. We may not get immediate feedback like a physical puzzle, but if we give the problem some time chances are the answer will become apparent.

Think, test, evaluate, repeat.

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