A good mechanic

Why do so many people agonize over having a good mechanic? Because we don’t know about cars and we don’t pretend to know the difference between an axle and a johnson rod.

The strange thing though is so many of these same people then become experts in fields and disciplines so much more complex than looking under the hood of a car.

It could be based on the fact that if we can’t fix our engine, it’s an immediate response of not getting to where we need to go. In other ways, our decline happens slowly and we find ways to cover up our bad decision to do it ourselves, instead of admitting that we should have gone to see a professional.

For a financial advisor, it can be challenging to assist the client who has never worked a day in that field, but strikes down every idea and strategy because he watches the news a few times a week.

If you’re in an industry that has grown to be more and more complex over time, the idea is to become the trusted mechanic. The one person in town where others know you are the only answer to their problems.

This doesn’t happen overnight and this doesn’t happen because you took out a few full page ads in a magazine.

It happens because you show up, communicate well, and do what you say you’re going to do.

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