Anyone can create segments

You don’t have to be the president of a company to manage your day. Even if you are the newest employee you still have the opportunity to include things in your day and block off chunks of time that will move you forward.

You don’t need a lot of time for this either. Taking a few minutes to read something on economics or science or tech will eventually give you more than the endless Facebook scroll ever could. Even if your company has a fairly stringent workflow, you can find ten to twenty minutes outside of business hours here and there.

There are some organizations that understand this and look for those that can manage their own time.

They don’t simply put a checklist in front of someone, but give them a compass and say, “Here’s where we are, here’s where we need to go. We respected you enough to hire you. Now help us get there.”

While there is certainly increased responsibility with this option, the person that understands how to build time into their day to accomplish what’s important will be far more prepared than someone who can flawlessly complete tasks on a checklist.

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