What cooking can teach us about communication

When a meal is set before you, chances are it took hours to make. I’m not just talking about the kitchen prep time, I’m talking about all of the work that went into growing the spinach for the salad or catching the fish or harvesting the grain for the bread.

Alone, these items are just what they are. They’re not a meal and there’s nothing out of the ordinary about them.

It takes someone to have the insight to put them all together in a specific way at a specific time and temperature, adding in other ingredients as needed. The more nuanced this process is, the more the meal becomes something more than just dinner. And knowing about the growing or harvesting process gives additional information to the person preparing this food.

This is no different than messaging for the people you serve. You can send out a Facebook message or newsletter or tweet. These in and of themselves are just what they are. It takes more thought and insight and nuanced ability to be able to weave them all together to create a cohesive message and larger brand.

It also takes time to understand how these messages relate to your community and why one will work more than another. This is the growing process that happens before you hit “publish.”

But here’s the thing, the food and the message both have a shelf life. This means that after a certain period, the spinach wilts, the grain goes stale, and, well, you know what happens to salmon after a few days too long.

No different with your messages.

Take the time to put them together in a smart, useful way, and don’t forget when it’s time to shift to something new.

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