New offers

If you’d like to offer something new to your customers, ask three questions:

1. Does this fit into your core business?

If your orthopedic surgeon starts offering made to order tacos, look elsewhere.

2. Do you have the resources to deliver on this promise?

If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, the staff to delegate it to, or the funds to outsource it, it does no good to offer something you can’t ultimately provide. Saying that the pizza will be free in 30 minutes or less if you can’t coordinate your drivers properly will cost you.

3. Does this solution actually relieve a pain point for your customers?

You may really think a French bistro is needed in your town, but if your community doesn’t find the value there you may be out significant start-up costs.

But, if you can answer yes to all three, give it a go.

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