Grocery shopping

While very few of us own or manage grocery stores, we can still learn from their offline sales process and management practices.

The ones that have some room for improvement spend money on tv ads, instead of investing that into better training for their front-line employees. They install whatever lighting they can find without giving much thought to how it will make their space look and feel. And the product mix seems to be all over the place, with a lot of stuff you may not really be looking for.

The ones that make their stores seem more like a community fixture rather than an inconvenience, they take the time to create their space with a welcoming color scheme and design layout. They know what quality items to stock their shelves with, and rotate by season by choice. And they invest in their employees, paying them more to attract better talent, and making sure they’re the right fit for their team.

When looking at your business, think of the equivalent to the shopping cart, and then understand that it’s not out of the question that someone will not come back because the cart was the wrong size and clunky to maneuver.

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