Do you need it?

Cleaning and decluttering is not only beneficial to keep stuff down to a minimum, but it can also serve as a reminder of where you came from.

Going through boxes and files allows you to take a history lesson on yourself. It’s sometimes refreshing to see how far you came, but can also be a bit embarrassing to see some of the mistakes that you made along the way.

But inevitably, we come across items that we haven’t seen in forever and we want to keep them because we might use them someday.

Our websites and content can sometimes have this same quality.

The page that we think should be there or the paragraph that goes into just a little more detail. It can also be additional graphics or colors in the scheme that give it a different look.

Don’t fall for this. Often we can take out just a few more elements and the site (or our homes for that matter) will function at least just as well, if not better for the end user.

In this case, many times, less is really more.

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