In our organizations, we all follow some type of procedure or process in doing what we do.

A checklist for a pilot.

A series of steps to conduct an experiment for a scientist.

A syllabus for a professor.

These are set up to ultimately arrive at some result for the end user.

People arrive safely.

A new material is created that’s safer for the environment than one previously.

Students achieve better learning outcomes.

What happens though when the process is set up to benefit not the end user, but the organization?

If people are having trouble completing information on forms that you need for your systems, and it’s causing headaches on your end, the answer is not another form to say, “we gotcha, you missed this part and therefore we can’t help you.”

No, the answer is to make a better process that’s less about you and more about what problem you’re trying to solve.

Use fewer forms, and make them better.

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