Shifting organization

Getting and staying organized is something that’s always interested me. And while I try to work and live with this mindset, inevitably stuff piles up.

Sometimes though it’s not what you have, but how it’s sorted that causes the organizational issue. Recognizing this and changing is the first step in getting back on track.

For staying organized with work, I recently shifted from having essentially three to-do lists (my inbox as one of them), to exclusively using a Trello board, which allows me to forward emails to it. Will this be the last organizational shift that I’ll ever need to make? Hardly.

As new technology emerges and new services are launched, I’ll find something down the road that works better. And that’s fine.

The idea is not to get locked into one particular way of doing things. The idea is to use what’s available in the best way possible.

This change could be uncomfortable and set your productivity back initially, but the more you do things like this, the faster those improvements happen and the easier they become.

Don’t worry about changing how you stay organized. Just jump in.

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