Gmail filters offline

One of the things I like the most about Gmail is the ability to filter messages coming into my inbox. Set up a rule that says: from this person, tag it with this label.

This can save a lot of time, especially if your filters are updated on a fairly regular basis based on your email needs.

Here’s the thing though. We can take this same method offline as well.

This is how some people are able to get more done in a day. They’re able to automatically make decisions based on rules they’ve set up in their own minds on how to handle the typical stuff that will come at us on a regular basis.

They know how to handle requests efficiently. They have a system for how they’ll prepare for and give a presentation. Some may even have a limited menu of food choices for when they’re on a business lunch, just to keep their mind focused more on the meeting, and less on if they should get the club or the salad.

Most of us could probably figure out how to get a little more out of our day. Maybe filtering could be a good start.

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