Traditions worth keeping

Why do we do what we do, time and time again?

Routine is one answer. We always walk the dogs around this time.

Because we have to is another answer. If we don’t finish this project in time the client will fire us.

Just because is yet another reason. I have no idea why I am playing Pokemon Go.

…there is another answer though, one that takes more thought and more energy to carry it out over the long run. That is that we do what we do because of tradition.

Tradition is different than routine because routine is done first with some thought, but then we go on autopilot.

Tradition is thought about and planned out and iterated over time. The idea is that the best is kept and the rest is discarded, strengthening what works and what people show up for.

We may fall into a routine when we’re planning out our content or onboarding new clients. But we shouldn’t dismiss tradition in our business model.

What do you do that people want to come back for, time and time again?

…and for those golf enthusiasts out there, today marks the 145th playing of The Open Championship. Enjoy the tradition.

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