Do anything for even a brief period of time, you’re likely to encounter a setback.

What happens though when we run into them in our profession?

Some use it as an excuse:

“The network is down, I can’t get any of my work done!”

Some use it as a reason to go another route:

“That’s a lot of schooling to get through to become a vet. I don’t think I wanted to do that anyway.”

And still others use it to heap blame:

“This system is so ridiculous. It’s causing our customers to go elsewhere. Why won’t IT fix it?”

The professionals see a setback in a different light though. They see it as a chance to thin the field and have fewer competitors. They see it as a chance where they can stand out.

Instead, they shift to work they can do offline, or the extra anatomy reading over the summer, or to being more helpful to the people that buy their products.

When we come across a setback, we can use it for what it actually is. An opportunity.

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