Putting pieces together

How much do you taken into account how difficult something will be to put together before you purchase it?

Some people do, for sure. But others simply buy and then get frustrated after the fact.

The question for me becomes this: how much thinking went into making that product (or designing that service for that matter) as to how it would work out of the box?

Is it push-button ready? Or do you have a few screws to tighten or updates to install?

And keep in mind, this doesn’t mean we have to make simple products like a hammer to get people to understand how to use them. (The iPod did just fine.)

No, this means that we have to put the work into not only the design of the finished product, but also how people will interact with it from the first time they see it.

This goes for everything from websites to phone etiquette to how people navigate from your parking lot to your information center and beyond.

Make something that people want, that’s a given. But then also make it easy for them to use or get going with it right out of the box.

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