Fireworks on the 6th

Excluding major events like concerts or walk-off home runs, setting off fireworks on days other than the 4th of July don’t make much sense.

It takes the experience from a patriotic, “let’s all celebrate together,” and turns it into an immature, “look at me” type of stunt. (It can also wake people up if they’re not expecting it, and not in the good “wake up” way.)

When we’re looking to call attention to ourselves, this is not the way to go about it. Very few people will get out of bed at 2 am and say, “hey, wow, look they’re setting off fireworks, I’m going to go join their cause.”

No, most likely they’ll be angry or annoyed.

By all means, serve a community, talk about what you stand for, and send your messages. But don’t think that just because it’s appropriate to say or do in one instance means it’s ok whenever you feel like it.

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