Right before 4th of July weekend seems like a strange time to be talking about snow, but hear me out.

Before it snows, transportation departments put out guideposts by the side of the road to make sure that when it does snow the plows know where they’re going. These are just tall plastic sticks, brightly colored, that can be identified even with drifts of a few feet. Simple, effective.

They do this because they obviously can’t see exactly where the side of the road starts and stops after the snow is on the ground.

We sometimes need to build in these guideposts in the work that we do. This may be especially important in the summer, as things may start to get a little more disorganized and our schedules are thrown off with holidays, vacations, family reunions, etc.

This not only goes for the work that we do, but the work that others do that can impact how and when our work gets done.

These delays though can sometimes be convenient excuses to not do work that we can do on our own but just choose not to.

So then, what do you need to put down before the snow starts to make sure you stay on track?

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