Two hours in a week

Finding two hours straight in a week to take on a personal project or learn something new may seem like fantasyland to some.

“Where is that time coming from?” you might say.

And you’re probably correct. Very few of us have a two hour block on any given day where we can sit down, uninterrupted, and get something done that’s going to allow us to develop and grow. It may happen from time to time, but chances are it’s not a regular occurrence.

But, what if I said that time might be there, just not all at once?

Everyone has a spare five minutes a few times a day. We usually spend this time on Facebook, or Twitter, or seeing how our baseball team did.

Do this three times a day and it’s fifteen minutes. Over seven days, you have 105 minutes. You’re close to two hours.

What if instead we used that time to read a blog post about a new technology in our field, or emailed a colleague just to check in, or – wait for it – completely unplugged so we could simply think about where it is we want to go next?

The time is there. Maybe not all at once. But the time is there.

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