Dustin Johnson captured the 116th US Open at Oakmont Country Club yesterday, his first career major. That would be news by itself, but with the added dimensions of DJ’s close calls in majors and the controversy about if he did in fact cause a ball to move, make this even more noteworthy.

I won’t talk about the process of how the USGA can make situations like this better. That’s for another time. Today is for Dustin, who was told that they’d have to review the situation seven holes after it happened, and after he finished his round.

Some other players would have collapsed. Others may have been thrown off and frustrated. Not Johnson. In post round interviews, he continued to address the question of how he handled it by saying he just kept taking it one shot at a time and staying focused, because Oakmont is such a difficult golf course.

There are several lessons in this for all of us. The biggest one though might be how to deal with a situation that we have very little control over, and he showed us how to do it in some of the toughest competitive conditions out there.

Congrats on your US Open win on Father’s Day DJ, you earned it.

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