In between storms

Storms can be a pain to deal with and at times even worse than that. They are a fact of life, and we can’t stop the storms from forming and ruining our time outside.

But we can try to work around them. Inevitably, we’ll have time in between storms where we can do what we need to do outside.

The trick though is to figure out when this is going to be, about how much time we’ll have, a plan of what we can accomplish in that time, and then a contingency.

All of this takes work, but this is what the time in between is for. And with the right tools, experience, and foresight we can manage to get stuff done.

One weather app might not work as well as another, and we get stuck in the rain. So we download a different one.

One coworker might not be able to understand what we’re talking about, so we have to change our message.

And one customer may be upset with what we provided. So we learn from the experience and make what we produce better.

Storms will be there. The time in between them will be there too.

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