Ranges and outliers

In golf we hear stories about how someone can hit their driver [insert distance] far. But in reality, this only happened once, on the range, downwind, in perfect conditions.

That person’s actual yardage range, or what they average is much less.

The outlier in this case doesn’t matter…but yes, it does.

While an average is helpful on the course to know what we typically do, the outlier is aspirational. It shows what we’re capable of, what’s possible if we keep on improving.

No different than when we’re completing a project. We know how long it typically takes us, and what the best case scenario is. The professional plans for this and doesn’t give the best case when budgeting the work. This same professional will however, try to get to that best case.

Outliers are for practice.

Ranges are for when it counts.

Try not to confuse the two.

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