Using Google to streamline your operation

We’re all looking for more time in our day. We just never seem to have enough to get all of the stuff done we need to, let alone those extra things we’d really like to.

So as we get into goal setting and resolution making for the new year, take a minute to think about how organized you are.

Could you make some changes in that area? Is there time wasted that can be recaptured?

There are countless apps and services out there to save you time. But instead of going through the top 50 or 100, let’s start with just a few, offered from the company that helps organize our information…Google.

Here are four simple ways that the search engine giant can help you save time in your golf season…

Google Calendar

How many times have we had to go through revisions and print out a new paper version of a calendar, only to have someone not get the latest update and book an event in a room that was already occupied?

Sharing this information in real time is one of the best functions of a Google Calendar. When you make a change to an event’s date or time, it shows up on the calendar of the person or people you shared it with immediately. (While this function may be common knowledge to most, some still forget that it’s available and don’t use it.)

Once an event is created, you can add in all the specifics about costs, menus, prizes, and even responsibilities if need be.

Pro tip: Embed a second “public” events calendar without the backend details on a webpage so your members or customers can stay more up to speed on what’s going on at the club.

Google Drive

There are two great things, in my opinion, about Google Drive. The first is that you can work on your document, spreadsheet, or presentation on any device, without having to save items to Dropbox or carry around a flash drive.

This is really important if you have a desktop where you do most of your work, but have a laptop or tablet that you do some work on if you’re not at the office.

The second is the ability to share these items with colleagues where you can work in real time on the same thing together.

And for those of you who despise Word’s ‘track changes’ feature as much as I do, the simplicity of editing by itself makes Google Drive worth using.

Google Hangouts

Need to get a project organized or finalized but a couple of your team members are offsite? Not to worry.

Use Google Hangouts and chat with them, or video conference them in. You can even share photos. This will save dozens of emails and allows for more visuals than a phone call ever could.

Google Alerts

Once the season gets rolling there are a lot of things to manage. Checking in on your club’s digital presence and online reputation sometimes takes a back seat to making sure that the practice range is fully stocked.

To help with this, set up some Google Alerts with your club’s name, and any other phrases you’d like to be alerted to if someone posts about them online. You’ll get an email sent to you so you can follow up on one item, instead of searching the entire internet.

Bottom line

Everyone gets busy. It’s the people that process the information that they need while blocking out the rest of the noise that get the most done.

The key is finding what works for you, and hopefully these methods can give you some new ideas on how to approach your workflow better in 2016.

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