Making something grow

I recently walked by a store that sells signs. You know the kind: They’re made of wood, hand-carved and hand-painted, complete with sayings and slogans.

This particular one said: “Make things grow,” and had a yellow, green, and pink flower on it. Something a gardener would want to hang in her kitchen, for sure.

But something struck me as completely absurd about that statement: How can you make something grow?

Help? Yes. Encourage? Sure. Coax? Why not…but make?

You can help a plant grow with…

…the right amount of water.

…the right amount of sunlight.

…a good mix of soil.

You can help a child grow by…

…reading to them.

…teaching them right from wrong.

…feeding them good food.

And you can help your business grow by…

…being there for your customers.

…making a quality product or providing a quality service.

…learning all you can about how to improve what you do.

But you can’t make any of these grow.

It’s a combination of effort, timing, skill, and yes, luck. And they’ll grow at their own rate based on those factors.

Something important to remember when the work you’re putting in doesn’t seem to be yielding the results you’re looking for. Sometimes, it’s not what you’re doing. It’s just how it is.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try to do what you can in the mean time.

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