Clients for life, fans for life

Turning a buyer into a client for life is a great achievement for anyone in business, and really hard to do.

From a monetary perspective, think of how much one of your items costs, now figure out how many times a typical client may purchase that per year. Multiply that by how many years a person could be a client for and you start to see the overall revenue that a client for life can generate.

(And to clarify, I’m not suggesting that the only reason to treat someone well enough that they become a client for life is money. Far from it.)

So once someone is a client for life your work is done, right?

Nope. There’s an extra step.

A fan for life is better

But what about a fan for life?

A fan for life is just like a client for life, but with an exponential impact. Why? Because a fan for life will not only purchase as much as a client for life, but they will tell their friends about you as well.

So why don’t we all strive for this?

How we get this wrong

Because it’s hard. Because it takes patience. And because people are quick to move on.

Businesses can start off with a good concept, but then become fragmented because they’re chasing after every dollar. Those who attempt to accommodate every buyer end up alienating their core.

The opposite though is the individual that starts off not fully knowing what her concept will be, but over time and through experience hones in on what it is she does and who it is she serves.

These are the overnight successes that only took an entire career to develop. They didn’t hold onto their initial concept and chase after every dollar possible. They were flexible in their concept, but firm in their values.

The trick is not to bend to every suggestion or negative comment, but to stay on track with your goals for who you want to serve.

Because those people who remain will be your fans. It only takes a couple, and they can be a better form of marketing than any ad you could buy.

Need some help with content creation and marketing strategy? To discuss your goals and how we can work together, contact me here.

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