Would you…

…send a 500 word tweet?

…give an eight-day presentation?

…write a 10,000 word email?

…have a conversation with your boss that takes as long as a filibuster?

…or tell a bedtime story the length of War and Peace?

All of those are obviously ridiculous. (And in the case of the tweet, not even possible.) But we sometimes get into gray areas where what we think is perfectly acceptable doesn’t resonate with our audience. It’s the 300 word email when 80 would have done a better job getting our message across.

This is also one of the reasons why people like talking. They don’t have to condense what their message is, and can take 20 minutes to make a case that could take three, saying the same thing in 12 variations.

Does this take more effort on our part to really think about what we’re saying? Absolutely. But if we’re trying to communicate an idea, isn’t that our job?

To make a real impact, use fewer words. You’ll say more.

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