Many things we do on a daily basis we understand how to do because we’ve been exposed to them over and over again. We know how to make coffee, or use the gas pump, or send an email.

Same goes for processes and procedures at work. There are things that we do because our organization has just ‘done it this way’ since as far back as we, or anyone else there can remember.

Accountants know how to prepare taxes and their clients know what they get for their money when the service is complete. An auto mechanic can repair an engine, and a stranded person will pay for that because he’s looking for a very specific outcome: get back on the road. And a golf pro knows how to give a lesson and charge for that amount of time, based on the perceived value of what she’s providing.

Everything is packaged and sold in a way that we understand what we’re getting in exchange for our money.

But every once in a while, someone has a thought that maybe what we’re doing isn’t the best way to do something.

When we want to change these norms, or introduce new ideas to make things more efficient, or safer, or more user friendly (and essentially change what we produce), we have to figure out first what the problem is that we’ll be solving. (And most of the time this what sparks the idea anyway.)

Next, we have to figure out what the new way of doing something looks like. This takes a little more effort, but we can usually determine that.

But finally, and most importantly, we need to figure out how to package it. And this is where the real works comes in.

When we get to this step, we need to think about how what we’re providing is perceived to someone else who may be interested in buying what we’re selling. And if it can’t be expressed or explained in a way that is as easy to understand as buying information for a better golf swing, or a way to get your car moving, it might need to be rethought.

The best ideas are many times a herculean task to get off the ground, but on the consumer side look as easy as just hitting the send button for that next email.

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