Setting (and achieving ) your content goals for 2015

After you’ve recovered from holiday travel, return lines at the mall, and maybe even a headache from a little too much egg nog, it’s time to get focused on a fresh new year.

And with that refocus, many of us turn to trying to improve our health, financial standing, or possibly home organization. We may even look at ways to make our jobs more efficient.

But before you finalize all of your resolutions and plans for 2015, I’d like to throw out one last idea: Fitting in time to create enough content for those that you do business with.

We know content is such an important part of spreading the message of what we can offer to others, so why not have an achievable goal based around it?

With that said, here are three things to think about when setting content goals…

Look to where you are

By knowing where you are, you’ll be able to set goals that better match your current needs and wants.

Right now Tiger is in pursuit of his 15th major. He knows where he is in his career and that’s his goal. Another player might be trying to win her first event or even make a certain number of cuts.

These players are in different stages of their careers, and as a result are approaching their years from vastly different angles.

How does this look for you? Are you a seasoned vet, looking to fine tune your brand image through social media? Or maybe you’re a younger assistant, just breaking into the industry and would like to get your name out more?

Simply put, figure out where you are, where you’d like to be at the end of the year, and build your content plan around that.

Do what fits

Phil Mickelson hits some insane shots because he has the confidence he can pull them off. This style of play fits his game, as opposed to a more conservative approach. Conversely, someone like Luke Donald has had a lot of success being more steady and accurate, since that suits his game better.

No one way is correct. What makes the most sense is doing something that works for you.

If you’re not a good writer, do something more audio- or photo-based and take advantage there. Don’t do something just because everyone else is. Build off of what you do well and recognize that for everything that you choose to do, you’re also choosing to not do something else.

And doing something that you’re good at is more fun than struggling with something others tell you that you should do.

Sometimes it takes a little extra

Did Graeme McDowell get to where he is by playing just in Europe? Hardly. He’s one of the most traveled professionals today, and he got to where he is by putting in the work, not only on the course, but in the concourse as well.

McDowell knew that he needed to travel a lot to be able to compete, and I’ve once heard him say that to be successful you have to learn how to play tired. This is a sure sign that he loves what he does and is willing to go above and beyond to get there.

Sometimes you may not feel like creating that blog post or churning out your monthly newsletter piece. But it’s these times that really separate those that get it done from those that just show up.

So when you’re considering your content approach for 2015, figure out where you are, understand what works for you, and do a little extra.

Hopefully when the calendar turns next year you’ll be able to look back at the goals you reached, set new ones, and build off of what you do well…and all without a headache from that egg nog.

Need some help with content creation and marketing strategy? To discuss your goals and how we can work together, contact me here.

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