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It’s November. For those of us in Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania, it’s time to start slowing down the operation for the season. If you’re north of that, you may have already closed up shop.

But just because your tee sheet isn’t full doesn’t mean that you don’t have an opportunity to grow your business.

The cooler months are a great time to take stock in what you’ve accomplished over the past year, what goals you’d like to set next season, and figure out how you’d like to get there.

Maybe this isn’t for you though. Maybe you like your winters to unwind and relax after a tough season. And that’s fine.

But if you’re of the mindset that if you’re standing still you’re actually getting passed by, these next few weeks and months are maybe the most important time of the year.

And what do the best facilities and people out there do on a consistent basis? They reinvent themselves while sticking to their core mission. So what can the rest of us do?

Even tradition reinvents

“Augusta National doesn’t change. There’s more tradition there than anywhere.”

Ok, but did Jones, Roberts, and Mackenzie decide to build the place with SubAir systems under the green complexes? While it’s true that the technology wasn’t available back then, modern club leaders didn’t turn away from this advancement simply because of “tradition.”

Many facilities that get ahead do so by doing something new and innovative. Augusta is no different. They’ll take advantage of innovations in technology where they can to make their product – the Masters – the best it can be, year in and year out.

Innovation isn’t just for organizations

People innovate too. The best instructors out there constantly are learning new drills and tips and theory in order to get themselves better and grow their business.

Even if you see yourself as the lowest ranking assistant, think of something that you can do this off season to improve your craft and get ahead in a given area.

And this isn’t just learning to learn. This is learning with a purpose of implementing something new.

Get the most out of it

To do this effectively, first figure out what you’re interested in and what you want to accomplish. Then, figure out where to find this info. Next, put it to use during the season. And lastly, measure your results.

As an example, maybe you really like to run events. So then how would you approach your off season if that’s what you like to do?

Here’s a sample plan:

  • Step 1 – Figure out interest and set a goal – Interest in eventually becoming a tournament director at an association or organization. This year the goal is to increase tournament participation at current club.
  • Step 2 – Figure out where to find info – Research info from the USGA, PGA of America, PGA Tour, and LPGA Tour on how they run events. Have lunch with someone from state golf association or PGA Section who is involved with tournaments, and study local events to see how they were run.
  • Step 3 – Put it to use – Run tournaments.
  • Step 4 – Measure – What were the results? Monitor, measure, and use these stats to adjust the plan moving forward.

By doing this what you’ll find is that your learning is more targeted and you’ll be able to have a greater impact on the areas that you’re interested in.

Use the off season to recharge, no doubt. But don’t forget that it’s a great time to get a jump on getting yourself better. The more you do, the more you’ll find yourself ahead of the game this time next year.

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