The end of seasonal

It used to be that professional football players finished the season, packed up, and took a job in the local community until training camp that following summer. Same with baseball players, as they put away their spikes and left the ballpark for the winter. And ditto with golfers, especially in the north.

Now there is no off season. If you’re a pro, you’re at it year round. This much we know.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how the NFL has spread its product over all 12 months. Baseball fans can now catch games from the Caribbean, even when there’s 20 inches of snow on the ground in Detroit. And those that love to follow professional golf can tune in to the tours in Asia and Australia from October through December to find out who the next big stars will be.

As our world gets smaller and technology is able to bring us the game or information or story that we’re interested in whenever we want, there’s no longer a need for waiting for the season to start.

When three network stations were the only ones who could broadcast a game, they were our only choice. Want to watch a golf tournament in mid-November? Tough. Watch football.

If there wasn’t any interest in watching these “seasonal” sports during “off season” times though, they wouldn’t be shown. But people do want to see them, so they’re broadcasted, streamed, blogged about, and live-Tweeted.

Now we have thousands and thousands of media outlets that bring us what we want. Baseball from the Dominican in February? No problem.

But aside from the ability to watch more sports, what does this actually mean for you and your business?

People expect more

As your customers have become conditioned to receive service almost immediately, they’re also becoming conditioned to expect whatever you provide on a year-round scale. It no longer matters if you are open only nine months out of the year. They want something from you those other three.

It doesn’t have to be your core business though…in fact, many times it can’t be. You can’t open your course if it’s under a pile of snow. But what you can do is engage with them via your blog, social media accounts, or newsletter.

The new seasonal

“Seasonal” just doesn’t cut it that much anymore. It’s a year-round gig, just separated by the different items and services we offer based on the time of year.

The number of customers that see us during our peak time will likely shrink a little as a result of people not being forced into your segment because what they’d really like isn’t available. The customers that do stay though will be with you year round and be vital to your success.

They’re the ones that are incredibly engaged with what you offer, and they don’t care what the weather is like or what the calendar says. They want what you have.

You no longer have to close down for the season. In fact, it’s preferred if you don’t.

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